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Khan Apparel is an apparel manufacturer and consultancy group that is redefining the way clothing is developed, produced, and distributed at a global scale. Based out of Los Angeles we provide designers with a personalized product development team which includes a dedicated project manager and the best sourcing specialists, patternmakers, and sample makers that the industry has to offer.

Khan Apparel provides full-package production services across all knit and woven apparel categories. In efforts to help you scale and produce the most profitable and sustainable fashion brands in the industry, Khan Apparel manufacturing offers: specific website development, lookbook/catalogue creation services and a variety of marketing related services to support fashion brands as well as fulfilment services. Based on your current needs please review the services that apply to you!

Meet the CEO

Mohammed Khan- growing up I use to travel all over Asia and the middle East from Hong Kong to Dubai the clothing all varied and each individual uniquely broadcasted there style and the moment I figured out clothing was a form of self expression, to show the world who you are as a person based on what you rock, it sparked my curiosity for apparel and the fashion industry. From there it was a snowball effect and now I am here with you sharing my story.